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The Educational Opportunity Center provides students with a holistic approach to education. Students must be referred by one of the participating schools. Students who are referred go through an intake process that includes an intensive interview, a general information packet, and an Individual Service Plan (ISP) .Students must be interviewed and accepted by Student Council before they are allowed to enroll.  Students are then scheduled for academic classes and, depending upon the individual and the type of referral, may be required to attend counseling through a local provider.

Students study one academic class at a time for four and a half weeks or 67 1/2 hours of seat time. Students are in a learning center and use the Edgenuity on line curriculum. This is an internet based program so students can work at home as well as in the class room and earn credits at their own pace. 

Most of the E.O.C. students are employed in various jobs and receive credit for their work experience. All job sites are monitored by an I.C.E. Program Coordinator. Students are evaluated on their job performance, and the evaluations are used to modify behaviors that have made them unsuccessful in their past work experience.

Students also work on developing long-term and short-term goals. They learn job searching skills, how to write a letter of introduction, how to make a résumé, how to interview for a job, and most important, how to keep a job.

Students with dependent children bring their children to school with them. We all help with their care. Diane Shappell teaches a class on "teachable moments" to help our young parents improve their parenting skills. All mothers in attendance when the class is offered are required to attend. In the past, we have had mothers that have graduated before the class was offered come back to attend this class.

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