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EOC History and Overview

     In the fall of 1990, the doors opened for the first time at the Educational Opportunity Center. This educational program came about because of a corporate vision, which saw a need to serve the “at risk” high school age students in school districts serving Steuben County who currently were not being served and who were in need of specialized programming.

     A board made up of the three schools’ Superintendents and the Steuben County Circuit Court Judge governs the Educational Opportunity Center. The E.O.C. began in 1990 serving approximately 40 students from the attendance areas of Angola High School, Fremont High School, Hamilton High School and Prairie Heights High School. Prairie Heights is no longer with us due to budget issues.

     The Educational Opportunity Center is an alternative high school for non-traditional high school students. The E.O.C. works in conjunction with the Steuben County Circuit Court, Probation, Welfare, Treatment centers, WIC, the Northeastern Center, as well as other agencies that deal with teen problems and addictions.

     The Educational Opportunity Center provides students with a holistic approach to education. Students study one academic classe at a time for 4 1/2  weeks. Students are in a learning lab environment. The E.O.C. uses the Edgenuity on line curriculum. Students work independently with help from their teachers to earn the credits required for graduation. Edgenuity courses are alligned with Indiana State Standards.

     Students are provided a diverse schedule of activities to promote change in learned behaviors in conjunction with their academic schedule. Speakers from the community share their expertise with the students. Students with dependent children are provided with assistance in caring for their children while attending academic classes and group and individual counseling. 

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